Six Gills Dive Club

Don’t have anyone to dive with?
Don’t know where to go?
Do you want to share your adventure stories with other divers; then come join the Six Gills Dive Club.

We have a monthly club dive. These can be local spots or regional. Shore or boat dives. The group
decides where future dives are scheduled.

Club members are also invited to join our staff on exploration dives. These are dive sites we have not
dove before. We go and scout out the site for future training or trip offerings. Club members provide
feedback on what they liked or disliked about the site. We use this feedback in our decision making.
Not into diving in cold water; No problem. You don’t have to be a cold water diver to enjoy the
camaraderie of fellow divers, share your travel stories, and your experiences (good or bad) concerning
dive boats, dive resorts, dive shops.

We look forward to getting to know you!

  • Dive Club Membership Fee: $50 a year
  • Benefits: Discounted gear rental
  • 2 free air fills a month
  • Six Gills Club T-shirt
  • Random swag