We service the following brands in house:
Scubapro, Subgear, Tusa, Waterproof, Guardian full face masks, Interspiro full face masks, XS Scuba, & Scuba Max.

We service other brands of equipment as well. If we don’t carry your brand it will be taken to a qualified manufacturers technician for servicing. We believe in supporting local businesses, so we have partnered with other local shops who have the same high standards we do to perform these services. We know you could just take it there yourselves, but we are more convenient. We will take it there for you and pick it up. It will not cost you any more than if you took it there yourself. We don’t just talk about great service, we provide it!

Our Technicians

  • All services performed by manufacturer certified technicians.
  • Tank and valve service performed by professional scuba inspector inc. Certified technicians.
  • You will receive a detailed report on all services performed on your equipment.

Pickup & Timing

You will be notified by phone when your equipment is ready for pick up. We will leave a voice mail if no one answers. Equipment not picked up in 7 days will incur a $10 a day storage fee. After 30 days the equipment will be sold to cover storage fees and expenses.

We have a normal 2 week turn around on services. If your equipment needs a part we do not usually stock this usually allows for that part to be obtained and installed.

Going on a trip?

If you are planning a trip and need your equipment serviced, please bring gear in at least 4 weeks prior to your departure date. We recommend that you take your serviced gear to a pool or local dive spot to test it out. We may need to make minor adjustments to your regulator or air2 after servicing. It is not uncommon for a regulator to be set to factory specs, but be a little to sensitive and free flow when in the water. This time frame allows for you to test the equipment and bring it back in for adjustment before your departure. We want your trip to be enjoyable and problem free.