The SSI Advanced Open Water program, unlike the majority of advanced programs in the sport diving industry is based primarily upon open water application. Less time in the class and more time diving.

Consisting of four primary core modules, the Advanced program is designed to create a well rounded confident diver. Begin with Advanced Dive Planning. Only the SSI Advanced program equipment with the proper dive planning techniques to make you dive fun, enjoyable and safe. Learn Minimum Ascent Cylinder Pressure Calculations, Breathing Parameter and Surface Air Consumption, Review Safe Dive Tables and SafeAir Tables. Develop proper parameters with your dive computer. Move into Wreck Diving and dive into the secrets of the mysterious yet attainable wrecks off the Southern California coast. Learn proper techniques of Night Diving. See why Night Diving is the best way to catch your lobster, or just see the true colors of the ocean at night. Experience the confidence of Advanced Navigation. Learn reciprocal, triangulation, multiple polygons, and conceptual navigation. A pre-requisite of SafeAir~Voodoo Gas is recommended to truly enjoy your diving experience. And finally understand the comprehensives of Advanced Dive Physiology. Review the primary and secondary effects of pressure and associated diving maladies. Spend some time and understand, in non diver terminology, what really happens at the cellular level with gas physiology.

The goal with the SSI Advanced Diver Course is to cover the central core courses that every diver needs to be efficient enough to dive just about anywhere in the world.

Cover the four central core courses with 24 dives and you are a Certified SSI Advanced Diver!

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